We make it simple for you to rise & ride.
Everyone is welcome to take part in these life changing lessons.

Become a new Rider

We want everyone to benefit from our programs! Prospective riders who want to get started must complete the three following forms:

1. Rider Release 2. Medical Release 3. Pre-Screen

Returning Rider

Have you taken lessons with us before? Thanks for coming back! Please fill out the below form for your next season with us!

PATH International Instructors

All of our lessons are taught by a PATH International Certified Instructor. These instructors have gone through a certifying process of written exams, logged teaching hours and a live testing. To learn more, Click Here.

Age Requirements

Riders must be at least four years of age to participate. There is no maximum age, as long as the rider has no physical or medical complications that would prohibit assisted mounting and dismounting. In these instances, we still offer ground work, tacking and other additional activities tailored to individual limitations.

Class Options

Private Lessons: $30 - $60

Private lessons are available to those who are seeking more individualized attention from our instructors.

Riders who require more assistance or a quieter atmosphere may find private lessons preferable as the instructor is able to work solely with the rider, horse leader, and side-walkers; as opposed to the group lessons when their attention is divided.

Advancing riders can further their knowledge and independence in the saddle while fine-tuning their skillsets during private lessons as well.

Group Outings: $150

Group Outings are available to small groups who wish to spend an afternoon learning about therapeutic horseback riding and interacting with horses.

Group Outings are scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon the first Saturday of every month and includes a tour of the farm, grooming, tacking, and riding. This is a great primer on Therapeutic Horseback Riding!

A limit of six people is enforced; minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Group Lessons: $40

Group lessons offer a therapeutic horseback riding experience that is shared with others, making riding a fun and social experience!

They are a high-energy, fun way to get all the benefits of therapeutic riding. Group lessons teach horsemanship and riding skills, emphasizing social interaction and teamwork.

Riders in group lessons have a horse leader and one or two side-walkers Lessons are divided by age and skill level whenever possible.


We are located at W4102 Ober Road, just off of 14/6; look for the big star on our barn. Depending upon what arena we will be riding in, there are two locations you can park. If riding in the indoor, please park in the parking lot between the indoor and the tack room. If riding outside, please park alongside the outdoor pavilion down by the area. Family is responsible for siblings during lessons.