HorseSense is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

From paper clips to emergency horse care, we rely wholly on donations from people and organizations that see the value in therapeutic horseback riding. If you believe in our mission to support the wellbeing of individuals with disabilities, please make a tax-deductible charitable general donation, in any amount, here:

Current Fundraising Campaigns

Sponsor a Horse

They work hard every week to provide youth and adults with disabilities in our community with needed therapeutic services. But they can't do it alone. 

Our horses require daily food and care, and routine veterinary checks in order to stay in tip-top shape for lessons. We're a small nonprofit organization that relies on the support of generous and caring people like you, who sees the value our programming provides. 

Together, we can continue to provide life-changing therapy to those who need it most.


A Bale a Day…

...keeps the hunger away!

Help our horses eat this winter! It costs more than $8,000 to feed our nine therapy horses throughout the long Wisconsin winters. At one bale per horse per day, we go through nine bales of hay every day at HorseSense for six months-- sometimes longer! And that's not including grain.

A donation of $5 will provide a day's worth of food for one of our therapy horses this winter. Can you help?

And don't forget to share this campaign with your friends on social media! Many hands make light work. Together, we can ensure that our horses stay full all winter long.