Without our specially trained equine team, the remarkable accomplishments of our riders would not be possible.

Sponsor a Horse

Our herd works hard everyday of every week, to provide members of our community needed therapeutic services. But they can’t do it alone. We are a small non-profit and completely funded by generous and caring people such as yourself who see the value these horses and the therapy they provide. It costs over $3,000 a year for the care and maintenance of each therapy horse. Lesson fees cover only a small fraction of these costs. Along with providing barn space and staff to look after the animals, our horses need vital essentials such as hoof trimming and shoeing, food & supplements, medication, and veterinary care. Horse sponsors help make miracles happen through their generous tax-deductible donations.

Together, we can continue to provide life altering therapy to those who need it most.

Giving is easy

We're grateful for any kind of support you can offer. Donations can be made on a one-time basis, but recurring gifts are encouraged for the greatest impact.  

Tier One
$100 monthly

Provides veterinary care for one horse.
Includes a certificate of your sponsorship, photo & an in-person visit with your horse. 

Tier Three
$25 monthly 

Provides fly & tick prevention for one horses — crucial for whole health in our herd.
Includes a certificate of your sponsorship.

Tier Two
$50 monthly 

Provides special therapeutic training for one of our horses. Includes a certificate of your sponsorship & photo of your sponsored horse.

Corporate Sponsorships are available

Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Corporations can all make pledges for the upkeep of a particular horse. Sponsorships are annual commitments, commencing the date the donation is received. The donation or monthly pledge must be renewed yearly to remain in place.

All funds received through The Sponsor A Horse Program will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, healthy, and well-cared for herd of horses for HorseSense’s Therapeutic Riding Program. Funds are used for feed, bedding, shoes, veterinary care, etc. The monthly pledge amount is based on an average monthly cost to maintain an average horse. Some horses require more, some less. Funds are pooled and used for the overall herd. 

You and/or your company will receive an abundance
of recognition for your generosity!

You will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a photo of your horse and a duplicate Certificate will be displayed at the barn for all riders, volunteers, and family to see. You will also receive recognition in the HorseSense Newsletter, Horse Show Program and other printed materials, and on the HorseSense web site. Exclusive Sponsor’s horses will have a saddle pad with the sponsors name on it to be used during lessons. And, of course, to see your sponsored friend, we would be happy to arrange for visits.

Sponsor a horse and make a new friend today!

send us a message and begin your Sponsorship today.