What is Therapeutic Horseback Riding?

Therapeutic Horseback riding is an animal-assisted therapy that improves and empowers the lives of individuals by experiencing freedom and friendship with a horse. For thousands of years, the relationship between a horse and rider has been unique and cherished. Horses are highly effective at mirroring and responding to the attitudes and behaviors of the humans with whom they are working. This, coupled with the physical act of riding has been shown to be a powerful physical and mental health therapy. At HorseSense, we want to help everyone experience this powerful and healing bond that means so much to so many.

What will it mean to you?

Who benefits from our programs?

For more than 30 years, HorseSense has helped thousands of children and adults both with and without disabilities establish their independence through friendships with our horses. In more recent years, with the support of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and other injuries sustained during their wartime service have begun to find relief through animal-assisted therapies exactly like ours.

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War leaves scars. Learn more about our approach to empower veterans to grow past their wounds.


For decades, we’ve helped thousands of individual thrive despite physical, cognitive or psychological disabilities.


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Mission Statement

HorseSense has been dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with special needs in the greater La Crosse area since 1989. Through our therapeutic horseback riding program and strong partnerships with our horses, we have created a unique combination of sport, recreation, education, and most of all, fun. Our programs provide multiple benefits for individuals with physical, cognitive or psychological disabilities. Students will also gain confidence by mastering riding skills and in the process will find new friends in the horses, instructorsvolunteers, and other students.

HorseSense operates under the rules and regulations of PATH Intl.
(Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.)