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In a program tailored to those who’ve served, our HorseSense for Heroes program accommodates the special rehabilitative needs of Veterans who are recovering from injuries sustained in service to their nation. Injuries include:


Feelings of Guilt
Panic Attacks
Sleep Disorders

Traumatic Brain Injury
Service Connected Injuries


Lessons are designed to address specific issues faced by wounded and traumatized Veterans, while providing them a supportive and therapeutic environment to heal. This session integrates horse behavior, grooming and basic groundwork along with riding.  Each rider is paired with a specially trained horse and starts out with a team of volunteers. Veterans do not need a disability rating with the VA to take lessons.

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You need to hear about Josh…

Josh was one of our first veteran riders in our pilot veteran program. Unfortunately, due to significant health complications Josh passed away in late 2014. During his time at HorseSense, he was thoroughly involved with our program, and even helped out during our other lesson times when we was able to. 

It was his Peer Specialist that convinced him to try to program, despite his hesitations from battling PTSD, depression, diabetes and other medical complications. As a result, Josh made new friends in other peer riders and horses alike. He loved coming to see "his" horse, Blue, every week. Even with medical issues, he was determined to do everything himself, in order to connect more fully with Blue.

One of Josh's last thoughts about his love for the program was conveyed in a final social media post: 

"Sitting outside on the patio, wishing that this month would hurry up and get over so I can get back to the stables and my horse Blue."

Josh's impact on the program will never be forgotten, and he will be forever missed. Josh’s story is just one of HorseSense’s successes. There are hundreds more stories just like his. Will you add yours?


How do Veterans benefit from therapeutic riding?

The Department of Veteran Affairs invests millions of dollars every year into Equine Assisted Animal Therapy for Veterans across the US. Some of the benefits that veterans experience from our services are:


Self Conceptualization
Decreased Isolation

Reduction in Anxiety
Social Skills


Additionally, by taking classes with other veterans, they build new relationships with other veterans in the community, sharing camaraderie in their shared experiences and love for horses.

a Family of heroes

Seldom is the weight of these scars carried only by the veteran. The veteran's families and loved ones help carry them too. At HorseSense, we recognize that and extend our HorseSense for Heroesprogram to the family members of a veteran in our program as well. Lastly, Gold Star families ride for free, the least we can offer to those who’ve given so much.

How Can You Help?

We offer our riding lessons to veterans for free. We rely on charitable donations from people like you who feel the honor and duty of supporting these heroes in healing from their service to us. Through our Sponsor a Vet campaign, we encourage people to make a donation to cover one full therapeutic horseback riding lesson for a veteran. Together, we can continue to provide this powerful life changing service to veterans and their loved ones, at no cost to them.

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